New week, new dream, new idiom :)

Tomorrow a new week begins- hurrah? Why are weekends so damn short?!
But at least I rested a bit, though I should be doing stuff for my other "jobs"...

I wish there was a way to sleep ahead of time... Like you know: you sleep for e.g. 50 hours during the weekend and "store" those hours for later. And then during the week when you're tired - you open the jar with those 50 hours and say: "Let me take out 8 hours of sleep" and you immediately regenerate, you are rested and ready to do stuff again, without wasting time to sleep :) Like saving money in a piggybank and taking bits and bits during the week for little stuff... :)

As for an idiom - let's have to start from scratch - it is about beginning after all.
Imagine a situation when you are doing an experiment or project but in the middle it turns out it was wrong and you need to start again - so you start from scratch :)

Please remember, though, that you cannot say from the scratch of time - meaning from the beginning of time.
To start from scratch means "to begin" but refers to e.g. repeating a project, experiment, investigation (they frequently use it in CSI etc.

Anyway - What are you guys doing this week? :)

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