My Teeth! (Idioms)

As some of you may or may not know - it is not always possible to create a video. You may lack time, you may look terrible, you may be sick, you may be tired etc. So in many cases it is much easier to post a message and put it on a blog. That is one of the reasons why this site came to exist.

Today, trivially, about teeth. A while back I posted a video about teeth and my wisdom teeth. Well, they're acting up again! And Maciuś has also recently suffered  because of his teeth :( He had one of his fangs removed because it was broken :( He had to be  anesthetized and it was a terrible experience for him :( 

So as you can see, the topic of teeth just won't go away! Hence, I must return to this topic and give you some more idioms connected with teeth :)

IF you have no idea what I'm talking about, here is a video with the first portion of tooth idioms (in PL):  Idiom Vlogu: "Zębowe idiomy" (Beware! It's old!!!!)

In this one you have:

by the skin of one's teeth  - just barely
to be armed to the teeth - have a lot of weapons
search something through a fine-tooth comb  -  look for something really carefully.

To make learning more interesting here are two more!

1) To lie through one's teeth

If you lie through your teeth - you are a terrible liar!
Jesse was lying through his teeth when he told me about the accident! it was a big fat lie!

2)  To set one's teeth on edge

if you set somebody's teeth on edge -  

a) you are irritated because it's a terrible sound: 
It really sets my teeth on edge when she scratches her fork against the plate...

b) you are annoyed / upset because of someone:
It sets my teeth on edge when he lies through his teeth! (NOW THAT'S A NICE DOUBLE IDIOM SENTENCE!!!!!)

(And I seriously need to go to the dentist.... :( )



to lack something - when sth is missing.
wisdom teeth (or tooth) - the infamous number 8 teeth :)
to act up - to become active (e.g. hurt again) after a period of being inactive. 
Beware! -  Look out!/ (in many cases: be careful!) 

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  1. By the way.. How about Maciuś's teeth? Is everything OK?

  2. Forgot about that! :( will write above :)

  3. Great post !
    Thank to you, I really love idioms right now ;)
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