Matura Emergency! [for/against Essay]

Hello everyone!
I plan on recording a whole video about how to write an essay (rozprawka) on Matura rozszerzona. With tips what words to use etc.
For now I will give you just this post with two sample essays. Enjoy! I hope you find it useful!

There are two types of essays on MR:
  • For/against essay
  • Opinion essay 

Napisz rozprawkę na temat wad i zalet posiadania zwierzęcia w domu.

Animals have been part of man’s life since the dawn of time. Cats in Ancient Egypt were the symbol of pharaohs, dogs – the help with hunting. But what happens when an animal is locked up in an apartment? Shouldn’t it be free? Many people debate this subject.

Firstly, it is common knowledge that big animals need a lot of space  to feel truly comfortable.  If you put a huge dog in a tiny apartment, both the owner and the dog will feel trapped and out of space. Secondly, keeping that apartment clean will be extremely difficult. For instance, long-haired cats or dogs shed during the summer, so the owner would need to vacuum more. Additionally, one needs to realize  that animals  tend to destroy things, so an adorable kitten might scratch somebody’s favorite sofa.

Yet, coming home after work to an empty apartment is highly depressing. To have a pet greet you and crave your attention, could seriously boost your self-esteem. After all, people feel needed when they know someone is waiting for them. On top of that, a pet is also great exercise! You need to walk the dog, so you go out and get some fresh air. Finally, many people have no problems with being cramped in a small apartment with a pet. On the contrary, they find it cozy.

All things considered, it is hard to say whether an animal should be kept in an apartment or not. There are both positive and negative approaches to this subject. The decision remains a matter of personal choice.

259 (word limit 200-250)


1)  It is good to include rhetorical questions. You still remain objective, but you give the essay a bit more action.

2) The essence of every essay are linking words. THE MORE THE BETTER! That is why always remember to put some in each paragraph to:
  1. introduce an argument, 
  2. give more arguments, 
  3. give examples,
  4. give an opposite agrument,
  5. give a conclusion
There a A LOT of linking words to choose from, if you want me to make you a list. Write a comment. :) 


Instead  you can use passive voice
  • "it is believed that..."
  • "it is common knowledge that...."
or use general terms:
  • Many people say...
  • Many people think...
  • Scientists claim that.... 
There is also a nice phrase with the word "one". 

Instead of using the generic "you" in  "you need to feed the cat" (meaning "people need to...")
you can say: "one needs to feed the cat"  - It is much more formal and advanced!
(ONE functions as third person singular so has an "s" at the end of verbs!)

4) INTRODUCTION and CONCLUSION is very similar as you can see. Remember to remain objective. The point of a for-against essay is to give an equal number of (+) and (-) and have a neutral introduction and conclusion. So phrases like:

  • "People debate this subject/problem"
  • "there is an equal amount of pros and cons of this situation"
  • " The are both negative and positive aspects to this subject"
are essential.
So the essay would look like this:
INTRO                     (+)/(-)=NEUTRAL
ARGUMENT 1        (+)    or    (-)
ARGUMENT 2        (+)    or    (-)
ARGUMENT 3        (+)    or    (-)
ARGUMENT 4        (-)    or    (+)
ARGUMENT 5        (-)    or    (+)
ARGUMENT 6        (-)    or    (+)

5) Grammar:
The better grammar you use the more points you have for "bogactwo językowe"

  • Use conditional sentences:  "If you put a huge dog in a tiny apartment, both the owner and the dog will feel trapped and out of space"
  •  Use  phrases with "one": " one needs to realize that that animals  tend to destroy things"
  • Start sentences with a verb: "To have a pet greet you and crave your attention, could seriously boost your self-esteem" (this is not a simple sentence! remember to have a second clause as well)
  • Start sentences with a gerund: "keeping that apartment clean will be extremely difficult."
  • use linking words, also to give examples, reasons, and results of something: " For instance, long-haired cats or dogs shed during the summer, so the owner would need to vacuum more."
    (Doesn't this sentence look better than: "long-haired cats or dogs shed during the summer"?) By adding more info and having more elaborate sentences, you will be given more points!

Wait for the video on YT to be posted soon :D  Link
How to write opinion essay 

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  1. Zatanawiam sie jaki temat rozprawki moga dac jutro... jakies pmysły?

  2. Brak własnej opinii na końcu. Za mało bogatego słownictwa.

  3. w rozprawce za i przeciw nie ma prawa byc własnej opinii na końcu! dlatego są dwa rodzaje rozprawek za i przeciw i wyraź opinię na temat.
    I gdybym się chciała popisać słownictwem to bym nie prowadziła bloga edukacyjnego. ten tekst miał pokazać różnicę między dwoma rozprawkami i pokazać pewien schemat pisania, żeby dało się wszystko zrozumieć.

  4. It is A common knowledge that. W tym wyrażeniu musi znajdować się rodzajnik...

    1. knowledge nie jest policzalne, nie możemy powiedzieć two knowledges, prawda? a zatem i nie możemy dać rodzajnika, jest dobrze jak napisalam :)

    2. Ale nie bądźmy gołosłowni: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/common+knowledge?s=t
      patrz przykład np :)