Cleaning! (Vocab)

Today (Friday) I cleaned throughout most of the day. I finally threw out half the contents of my shelves near the bed. They were mostly old medicine, pills, lozenges, lotions etc. You won't believe how old some of the stuff was! I think the oldest lotion had the expiration date of 2008! Jesus... gotta take more care of that :)
I also cleaned my workplace  - all my course books are in place, dictionaries, pens and pencils - ready to give more NDST (Fails) hahaha! Joking....

I guess I might say my desk is clean as a whistle - which means squeaky clean and this means it's really really clean :)

PS. Naturally Maciuś had to test it out, so he slept on that squeaky clean desk for about an hour :)


lozenges - "suckable" pills for the throat :)
to squeak - to make a high-pitched sound (like a mouse)
In the case of squeaky clean I think it means that something is so clean from scrubbing that if you scrubbed or rubbed it any more, there would be a squeaky sound :) I think it's actually pretty easy to imagine :)
to be clean as a whistle -  very very clean

6 komentarzy:

  1. We all know you didn't joke when you said 'ready to give more NDST'. Hahaha.

    (jak wejdziesz w pulpit nawigacyjny Bloggera, w ustawienia swojego bloga i w zakładkę formatowanie, to możesz zmienić język bloga na angielski lub nawet estoński) :P

  2. Really interasting... I'm waiting for more :)

  3. More F ??
    You should give more A and B ;)

  4. Greetings for You and Maciuś of course. :)

  5. bardzo się cieszę, że założylaś tego bloga
    z chęcią zapowiadam regularnie zaglądać;)
    moja skromna uwaga te lozenges to chyba bardziej chewable niż suckable? he? mogę się mylić;)

  6. vintageneverdie, but they are used for sucking not chewing :) and English please :)