Hello everybody it's me Broszka :)

I'm new to this thing so I need some tips, advice and a bit of understanding for the future :)
I'll try to  write posts as often as it is possible.
I figure, we can all benefit from it:

You, as readers and participators, practice your English, hopefully learn new stuff;

I, the writer, will keep myself busy and possibly have a teeny bit of accomplishment and feel appreciated. You may not know this, but the job of a teacher is not generally respected. Kids tend to hate you, you frequently have to force them to do anything... They have negative feeling towards you, so sometimes you have negative feelings towards them... To cut a long story short - we are the bad guys. *sigh*  But that's a topic for a whole new post. :)
Anyway - hope we'll all enjoy the journey :)
See you next time, bye!!!!


To cut a long story short - a nice idiomatic expression that means exactly what it says :) So instead of talking about something for a very long time you decide to skip the boring stuff and just talk about the most important,

2 komentarze:

  1. But today is the Nauczyciela Day! So I wish You so many good things, God bless you and kids don't hate you (srsly my mum is a teacher and today she's brought sooooooo many sweets and flowers!).

  2. Ha! Well I am sick so I didn't bring any thing home, I don't think anybody left anything for me either :)