"It's been a hard days night...."

Hello world! Or should I say good evening?

It's been a really long day for me... But when I think about the long weekend I'm glad there are only two more days of work left :) I plan on having a Dress-up Halloween party on Saturday :) - Would you like to see my outfit? :P

Anyway, coming back to the subject: Let's speak about being tired....
You could say after a long day that  you're dog-tired - which basically means - you are extremely tired.
To use a lot of intelligent words, you could say:  I am  utterly exhausted! - which also means being very, very tired :)

You could also quote (or sing) a Beatles Song:
It's been a hard days night, and I've been working like a dog,
It's been a hard days night, I should be sleeping like a log.

To make your teachers exceptionally proud of you you could say: 

I am so dog-tired that I need to hit the hay at once!
to hit the hay - means to go to sleep...
Imagine the time of peasants when after a long day's work in the field they came home to their little cottages and beds of straw and hay and went to sleep. For some reason the saying "hit the hay" is still used :)

I know you want another idiom, don't you? :D:D
Ok, here you go...
You could be very tired but you might not be able to sleep at night.
So you might  toss and turn all night - which would mean you kept moving and moving and couldn't "find you place", or if you didn't sleep at all, you would say  "I didn't sleep a wink!"

I hope that makes you sleepy my dear readers! :) Any plans for the long weekend?


a log - a cut-down tree
peasants - farmers/workers - the low social class in the Middle Ages / past :)
a wink (more often used as a verb so: "to wink") to quickly close and open you eyes or eye...

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