Motivating myself :)

Hi guys!
Today a gobbledygook video about self-motivation and preparing oneself for an event/occasion etc.
Now I will tell you something about myself.... It's a secret...

I've wanted to start my driver's course since September last year when I came back from the States.
But I am the type of person that needs time to process a lot of information and, more accurately, I need to find time and motivation to enroll.
So I wanted to, but was too lazy to actually do the first step. :)
However, I am the type of person that makes decision REALLY quickly when I must or am forced to.
For example during my university years (I miss them!) when there was one (!) day left to apply for another major (spanish Philology) and no time to lose, I managed to get all the papers, take some necessary photographs of my horrible face, fill in all the paperwork and officially apply.
If I had had more than a day (like maybe two weeks), I probably would not have done anything, and never would have enrolled!

The same thing was with this driver's course. As I was saying, I wanted to but had no motivation.
Then one of my work buddies (another English teacher) said she had just enrolled and was waiting for the first class. She asked me to join (as we spoke about the necessity of having a licence the month before) and having NO TIME to make up my mind, I decided "what the hell! It's time!" and did it :)

How is it with you guys? Do you need to force yourselves to get somewhere?
Do you need someone to push you a bit?
For me it's basically about the first step - and then I either get involved or not :)

And if you haven't seen the video yet, here it is :

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  1. Hi !
    First of all,I'd like to say that I came across your blog yesterday and I'm impressed with your vblog,lessons and so on .I'll be a frequent guest here ;) Anyway, I totally agree with the statement that the decision has to grow in ourselves and we should be prepared for it mentally. The first step is the hardest one but after that everything goes smooth.
    I think I also need a first strong "kick" which motivates me. I'm passing matura exam this year. I was in a class with extended biology & chemistry. I wanted to study stomatology. But I love learning languages. So in December (5 months before my matura exam!) I changed my mind and decided to pass only languages and to study applied linguistics. Everyone around me thought it was a joke and that I had gone mad. But I motivated myself, started revising and preparing for English and German exams and now I'm finishing exams and I'm extremely pleased with this hard decision I made.
    I'm waiting for your next gobbledygook and keeping my fingers crossed for your driving licence. It's not so bad and after some lessons driving a car becomes a pleasure and a fun :)

    Take care

    1. I hope driving does turn out to be fun... Still haven't driven though :)
      And good for you! You made a choice and you stood by it and studied really hard! Excellent!
      I am not a fan of German but learning two language is a huge thing and you can reap the benefits afterwards!

      As for gobbledygooks there are three more videos on my YT channel :) and I have a loooot of stuff there :)

      and keeping my fingers crossed for you!!

  2. So, have you learned to drive yet? If not you need one of your friends to drag you out of the house, take you by the hand, even smack you a couple times if necessary (lol, don't take it seriously) and say, wake up girl! Basically you just need a strong motivator. I don't know if you have a man in your life or not but perhaps that's just what you need, and not just any man but a strong leader with positive qualities. Wishing you all the best!